Saturday, April 11, 2009

Perfect Persians


Pietro della Valle imported the Persian cat's ancestors from Persia into Italy around 1620, Nicholas-Claude Favri de Peiresc was responsible for another of the cats ancestors being imported from Turkey to France somewhere close to the same time...from there it was only a short time before the Persian cat appeared in Britain. The Persian might be a cross between the Turkish Angora or the Pallas Cat; however it happened, what is known is that it took hundreds of years to give the Persian the flattened face that we know so well.


The Persian Cat has the lions share when it comes to fur...long and thick not to mention very soft. They have a flat face or "squashed" face, short legs, large eyes, broad head, and the ears are set wide apart. Persians come in any color under the sun and included in that list is Tabby, Tortie, and Pointed (Himalayan in America & Colorpoint Persian in the U.K.). Pointed like a Siamese Cat with the lustrous coat of the Persian. As you can imagine it will take some combing and brushing to keep your Persian's magnificent mane in shape.


Despite the dour look that is on the Persian's face they adapt easily to their surroundings and environment. Harmonious and easygoing Persian cats make a wonderful family pet. Not a demanding cat, but rather willing to wait for you to show him the affection he so justly deserves. Generally soft spoken the Persian is not a chatty kitty. With proper socialization he will get along with other pets in the home.